aquarium set AQUAEL REEF MASTER black

aquarium set  AQUAEL REEF MASTER black

Aquarium set AQUAEL REEF MASTER black



dimensions: 60x40x45 cm

tank volume: 105 L

Lightuing: 3x24 W

Night lighting: LED

Filtration and Skimmer Output: 505 L / h


Complete set for setting up a marine reef aquarium. Ideal for setting up a miniature coral reef and for keeping smaller fish and marine invertebrates. Tank of 105 l capacity with profiled front wall. Unique lighting cover is equipped with three T5 fluorescent lamps of 24W wattage each as well as blue LEDs and provides excellent tank lighting. A system of fans integrated into the cover guarantees efficient removal of excess heat eliminating the effect of raising the water temperature in the tank even during heat waves


ideal for setting up a nano reef

provides excellent conditions for corals, crustaceans and small fish

aesthetical technical solutions (all of the equipment concealed in the panel and cover)

exceptionally strong lighting (3 x 24W T5 plus a LED)

time controller of the lighting

fan system channelling excess heat

efficient protein skimmer

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