Fountain pump PFN - 500

Fountain pump PFN - 500

PFN 500, PFN 1000, PFN 1500 and PFN 2000 fountain pumps are designed for pumping and filtering water in fountains, cascades, water gardens, garden ponds and home pools. They can be also successfully used in other conditions, e. g. in gardening, in household or farm, in farming fish and other animals, on construction sites, etc. They are resistant to marine water influence and can be also used in saltwater aquaria. Designed to be effective in operation, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Small size, relatively significant efficiency and output regulation, and above all, the simplicity of build make the pumps from PFN 500-2000 series universal and particularly utile in usage


The line of pumps covers four models of the maximum efficiency of respectively 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 l/h. They have several innovative technical solutions. First of all, they are characterized with a very big efficiency in relation to their wattage. This, being the result of application of modern, energy-efficient motors and high quality gaskets under the impeller chamber, reduce the loss of efficiency to minimum. What is more, the latter solution enables the pump to work also outside of water (it is completely watertight) and affects its significant maximum head, allowing for application of the new pumps also as circulating pumps. Having in mind the comfort of users, all models are equipped with stepless efficiency regulation system with ergonomic knob placed on the outlet nozzle of the pump. Thanks to it, the water current can be easily adjusted to the needs. Thanks to the application of ceramic impeller shaft, they are characterized with extremely quiet and long-lasting work providing full comfort of operation. Large sponge prefilter protects the pump impeller from impurities, therefore it does not require frequent cleaning




• extremely efficient and reliable


• economic and energy-efficient


• stepless efficiency regulation


• biological-mechanical sponge filter


• convenient to use


• ideal for small ponds and in-house fountains



Product code PFN 500 PFN 1000 PFN 1500 PFN 2000


Wattage 4,4 11 22 27

Cord length (m) 1,5 10 10 10

Max output (l/h) 500 1000 1500 2000

Max head (cm) 70 110 160 190

Order number 109433
Producer Aquael
Weight 700 g
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Price without VAT € 13,33
Price including VAT € 16,13

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