AQUAEL POND BOOST 1000 - not only for garden ponds


AQUAEL presents yet another novelty product - AQUAEL POND BOOST 1000, a powerful membrane aerator.

This device, intended specifically for garden ponds, is almost indispensable, especially in the winter period, for ponds inhabited by fish. Just install it on the bank of your pond and connect it by means of thin tubes to several big aeration cubes submerged in the shallows. AQUAEL POND BOOST 1000 delivers up to 1320 litres of air per hour into the water, thus causing a strong movement of water and preventing its surface from freezing. A natural ice hole is created around the mass of air bubbles, which ensures free gas interchange in the pond to avoid the risk of fish suffocation. The device can also be successfully used in deep fish-breeding ponds. It is powerful enough to pump air to the depth of 220 cm. Thanks to low power consumption (just 20W), it will not be a burden to the pond owner’s pocket. To facilitate its operation, the pump is equipped with a six-way splitter for the simultaneous connection of several aeration terminals. The aerator can also be used during summer heats in order to ensure water oxygenation optimal for fish.

The area of application of AQUAEL POND BOOST 1000 is not limited to ponds, as it is perfectly suitable for indoor use. You can use it to aerate even a few racks of aquariums. The device can be used not only in its capacity as an aerator but also as a drive for regular sponge or bottom filters and for the so called Hamburg filtering systems. It is a very effective aeration and filtration solution with low running costs. It is reliable, relatively quiet, and its operation is hassle-free. The aerator is perfectly suitable for amateur as well as professional keeping of aquarium fish and shrimps.

Aerator Pond Boost 1000

Aerator Pond Boost 1000

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